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Simple Interface

Our interface is just like an email program. Teachers can log in and be using it instantly (with little to no professional development).

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Quick Messaging

Teachers can create email/text/WhatsApp or voice messages to one or multiple students or classes. The messages can go to the student and/or guardians. Other teachers can be shared on the message as well.

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Phone calls

Teachers can make calls directly in the program that are recorded and transcribed (which means they are searchable!). The outgoing phone number is the number of the school.

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Live Interpreters

Reach an interpreter within the program quickly (usually within 30 seconds) and conduct an interpreted video or phone call (powered by Lexikeet Language Services).

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No App Needed

Students/families will receive their message in their texting or email program(translated if necessary). There is no need for them to download an app. Messages can even go to their WhatsApp account if they prefer.

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Two way translation - including documents

Messages are automatically translated to each student/families home language. The families can respond in their home language and the program will translate it back to English for the teacher. Documents are also translated so every family member can be included in all classroom communications.

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Data is synced

The data is nightly synced with the Student Information System. There is no need for teachers to enter data!

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Admin Oversight

Principals and Admin can monitor all communications. They can search for conversations about specific students or see statistics about communications in general.

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Lots More

There are many more features such as "confirm receipt" for important messages, an advisory system, email forwarding for teachers, and a student/guardian portal. We would love to show you all that ReachMyTeach can do. We think you will find that teachers will love how it makes their job easier and communications will increase - leading to improved outcomes!

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Us vs Competitors

We are the only messaging platform that has email, text,voice and whatsapp communications in one. The simple, intuitive interface with synced data allows teachers to get up and running faster than the rest.

Us Competitors
Text messaging
Translation of message
Translation of documents
Ability to share all messages with other teachers/admin
Integration with SIS
Easy no training platform
Statistics and district oversight