Accessible, Translated, Easy Communication.

ReachMyTeach makes it easy for families, students, and teachers to connect in ways that work for them.

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Communication that reaches everyone, every time

Eliminate Language Barriers

Seamless, instant, translation of messages and attached PDFs. On-demand live video interpretation.

Always Reach Families

Send messages through text, email, and WhatsApp. Make calls, schedule conferences, and send district wide alerts.

Seamless Data Sync

Save time with contact information and preferred languages preloaded. Securely synced with your school’s SIS.

How ReachMyTeach Works

  • Educators write in English.
  • Guardians read and respond in their preferred language. Attached PDFs automatically translated.
  • Educators receive messages in English.
  • School culture becomes more inclusive.
  • On-demand live video interpretation.


Here’s how ReachMyTeach can help:

  • Increase Attendance & GPAs

    Easy communication leads to greater student success and engagement in school.

  • Empower Relationships with Families

    Parents and educators can communicate in the ways that work for them, building strong relationships where everyone is on the same page.

  • Eliminate Accessibility Barriers

    No matter what language, or literacy level, ReachMyTeach will sent your written communication to anyone in your school community.

  • Save Valuable Time and Money

    Intuitive from the start— sending texts, scheduling IEP meetings, or district wide alerts, ReachMyTeach does it all on one simple-to-use platform.

Reach families and students in the ways that work for them

Support for any device:

Learn how ReachMyTeach can work for you!

Seamless Translation
Message via Text, Email, or WhatsApp
Add Teachers To a Message
Reach Home With a Call
On-Call Interpreters
Synced Data
Intuitive Interface
Customizable Student Groups
Scheduled Video Calls
District Wide Alerts
Parent Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

How do messages go out on ReachMyTeach?

You can connect with families over email, text, WhatsApp, phone call, or video!. Send an email, text, or WhatsApp message with the confidence that all families will receive it in their preferred language. Send a district wide alert over phone, text, and email to make sure everyone is on the same page. ReachMyTeach also gives you the ability to instantly be on a video call with or without a live interpreter.

What will be translated in ReachMyTeach?

Text, emails, WhatsApp, and PDFs will always be sent to a recipient in their preferred language. Whether you respond on ReachMyTeach or through your school email, all messages seamlessly translate. Parents can then respond in their preferred language and it will translate into English for the teacher. For families who have limited literacy, you can choose to send your message as an audio message, which could also be translated.

    Can I call a family with an interpreter on ReachMyTeach?

    Yes! Calling with an interpreter has never been easier. Simply select a guardian you want to call and click “call with an interpreter”. You will be on a video call with a human interpreter through Lexikeet Language Services within minutes! ReachMyTeach sends a link for all recipients to join easily and provides notes to ensure all information is contextualized and explained!

    What does security look like on ReachMyTeach?

    There are three levels of administrative permissions that principals and district level administrators can update. Admin level allows a person to see and monitor all communications in the school. We prioritize student data privacy and adhere to all best practices. As part of the Student Data Privacy Consortium, we adhere to regional, national, and international laws.

    As a parent, how can I respond to messages sent through ReachMyTeach?

    You can respond to the text, WhatsApp, or email just as you would any other correspondence. If you would like to initiate a conversation with a teacher you can easily login to the Parent Portal with your email or phone number and begin a conversation.

    What integration is supported on ReachMyTeach?

    We sync to your school’s SIS with OneRoster or Classlink. This way everyone in your school can connect with families. We integrate with Google and Microsoft Single Sign on. This means educators can respond to incoming messages from parents right from their school email.

    Can I message my whole district in ReachMyTeach?

    Yes! ReachMyTeach offers a districtwide alert system for those emergency updates and district wide events.

    Who will receive my messages in ReachMyTeach?

    Educators have the ability to message individual students and families, groups, classes, grade levels, and the whole district depending on their role! Messages go to individual contacts. Recipients will not know what other contacts from the class, group, or grade level received the message, and will only be able to respond to educators on the message.

    What options are there for coordinating a meeting on ReachMyTeach?

    ReachMyTeach supports the ability to call or video conference with families. This can be helpful for planning a translated call or an IEP meeting. Educators can suggest times to parents for a video call with or without an interpreter. After families select a time that works for them, an event will appear on the educator’s Google Calendar. Any teachers added to the message will also receive the event on their calendar, as will the family. Families will receive a confirmation and a link to the video conference 10 minutes before the conference begins.

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