About Us

A teacher and his student create an easier way of communicating with students and families.

Our Story

ReachMyTeach , the one-stop communication platform for school communities, was founded by high school computer science teacher Jeff Borland and his student, Aidan Blum Levine.

ReachMyTeach addresses teachers’ and parents’ frustration with the myriad forms of communication used by schools and families, with some preferring email, some texts, and others phone calls. Adding to the complexity of communication is that many families need messages translated into English. It is tedious and time consuming to rely on and keep track of different programs. Borland thought there must be a more effective and efficient way. Luckily, Blum Levine, who had just been accepted to MIT, had some free time and was up for a project. Together, Borland and Blum-Levine created ReachMyTeach: a single platform for all communications for teachers, administrators, students, and families.

A single, simple platform for all communications for teachers, administrators, students, and families.

Everyone in education knows that teachers have little time to learn new programs. That’s why ReachMyTeach has an intuitive interface teachers can use the first time they login. All the relevant school data is synced with the SIS so teachers do not have to worry about updating contact info. Families do not have to download an app, but receive messages in their email or text program. Calls are recorded, transcribed, and, if needed, translated.

Teamed up with the Faria Education Group.

After beta testing in their own school, Borland and Blum-Levine shared the program with a few other schools in their area. The feedback was fantastic–the product was clearly meeting a real need. Subsequently, they teamed up with the Faria Education Group, a global ed-tech company. Faria was able to provide the resources and business knowledge to scale up the product to be ready for any school or district, small or large around the world.

Try ReachMyTeach

Borland, Blum-Levine, and the entire team at ReachMyTeach know that if you try ReachMyTeach, you will find how easy communication can be. Contact us today and we will connect your teachers with their students/families tomorrow!