The school-family partnership is key to student success. ReachMyTeach
makes maintaining that partnership easy, even across language barriers.

Jake Giessman

High School Assistant Principal

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What they are saying about ReachMyTeach?

ReachMyTeach has become an essential tool in Portland Schools over the past two years. Teacher developed, teacher tested and superintendent endorsed.

Xavier Botana


This is a brilliant and effective communication tool! Thank you for introducing ReachMyTeach, this saves us a lot of time and energy!

Kristen Fox

3rd grade teacher

ReachMyTeach has changed how I communicate with families and students. Since using ReachMyTeach every day, I can't imagine how I reached all of the families without it!!!

Elizabeth Nalli

School Nurse

ReachMyTeach has increased our communication with families significantly. It allows for transparent communication and to include staff in the communication. The support and tutorials are helpful. We are encouraging all staff to use ReachMyTeach as their primary form of communication. We don't know how we functioned without it!

Dawn Girsch

School Counselor

ReachMyTeach is a tool that allows us to respect and connect with all of our families. We have seen it work really well for educators in many different roles across the district, it is easy to use, and the folks at ReachMyTeach are always responsive to our needs

Andrew Wallace

Director of Technology

ReachMyTeach is great for everyone connected to schools -- but it is vital for school districts aiming to communicate with families furthest from opportunity. ReachMyTeach allows us to develop relationships by breaking down barriers. It is a tool that allows all the people in a child's life to be on the same page - no matter what languages they speak.

Jenny Lunt

Middle School ELL Teacher & EL Program Coordinator

Simple. Straightforward. Seamless.

Brian Rounds

Middle School Teacher

ReachMyTeach provides a seamless, user-friendly, effective way to connect with my families, and for them to connect with me, it's great!

Antona Briley

Middle School Teacher

ReachMyTeach is a superlative game changer in improving communication among all the stakeholders needing to be in touch with each other: teachers, parents, and students. The translation feature is so easy to use, and information is immediate! Thank you!!

Julianne Eberl

District Orchestra Director

What is great about ReachMyTeach is that you can communicate in various languages as well as different communication platforms with one click of the button!

Solomon Nkhalamba

High School Math Teacher

A complete game-changer in terms of communicating with families.

Rebecca Stern

Middle School Principal

ReachMyTeach is fabulous for connecting with groups of families and for reaching families who do not speak English!

Andres Llorente

High School ELL Teacher

As a nurse, I can’t imagine doing my job without ReachMyTeach! I use it multiple times every day to communicate with parents/guardians. ReachMyTeach is easy to use and extremely efficient!

Elizabeth Spaulding

Middle School School Nurse

This is by far my favorite tool in 29 years of being an educator. The ReachMyTeach team’s quick response to a question is incredible!

Jennifer Searway

Special Education Teacher